Work and Travel in Europe 2021 – 10 Work Exchange Opportunities

work exchange in Europe

Europe is gradually opening up to travel again, making it easier for anyone hoping to lead a digital nomad lifestyle. In this post, we’re going to look at ten Worldpackers exchange opportunities which will enable you to work and travel in Europe in 2021 and beyond.

To apply to them, you need to become a Worldpackers member which costs $39 for 12 months, using our Worldpackers discount code. Joining now, you’d have access to work exchange opportunities in Europe and around the world for twelve months and it is certainly one of the best digital nomad resources and one of the most useful nomad apps for anyone travelling around the continent.

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Work Exchange in Europe – 10 Great Worldpackers Opportunities for Digital Nomads

These 10 roles have been selected because they require skills such as content creating or online work which ought to be of interest to digital nomads. Click on the “position details” link to find out more about each opportunity.

Create Content in Slovakia

Banska via Pedro, CC BY 2.0

This is a well-reviewed hostel based role in Banská Bystrica, a small riverside city in Central Slovakia. You will be required to work on the hostel’s social media platforms and create content such as videos, articles and photos whilst ensuring their channels remain active.

In exchange, you will get a private room, which is relatively rare in hostel-based exchanges. You can use their kitchen to prepare your own food and will have plenty of time off to work or travel with two days free per week and only 20 hours of work required.

Position Details: 20 hours per week | Private Room

Online Marketing in Germany

Based in a quiet location in Germany, with plenty of nature to explore, this is an online marketing role. Video making, photography and social media are listed as required tasks, so it should suit anyone tech-savvy with digital skills.

In exchange, you will have to work a bit more than the previous role and will be in a shared dorm. However this position includes three free meals per day. There is also the chance to take part in free yoga classes and holistic therapies.

Position Details: 25 hours per week | Shared Dorm

Social Media in Sweden

As one of Europe’s most expensive countries, there is plenty of reason to use Worldpackers to travel around Sweden and you will save a lot on accommodation and general travel expenses. This role is based on a beautiful alpaca farm in a small town to the northwest of Stockholm.

You are quite well situated to travel in your two days off per week with the Stockholm area easy to reach and there are also rail connections to Dalarna County, one of Sweden’s best natural regions with nice lakes and forests. Three meals and a private room are included so you will save plenty of money by taking this role but you are required to work 25 hours per week for the privilege.

Position Details: 25 hours per week | Private Room

Social Media in Italy

Located in Palermo, Sicily, you will help the host to promote their collection of natural products via social media. 30 hours work is required, spread over 6 days, which is quite a lot for a work exchange position but you do get a private room and three free meals per day.

During your free time, you can make use of the bikes to explore the city of Palermo or do trips around the wonderful island of Sicily, which has one of the warmest climates in Europe.

Position Details: 30 hours per week | Private Room

Digital Volunteer in Malta

Not far away from Sicily, the island of Malta is another major hub for digital nomads and remote workers. This is another content creating position where you will be able to learn and develop new skills whilst making friends from around the world.

Again it’s quite a lot of work but the position comes with plenty of perks. These include free tours, hiking excursions, classes and parties. The minimum stay is three weeks. Check out our Malta digital nomad guide for more on remote working from this tiny island nation in the Med.

Position Details: 30 hours per week | Shared Dorm

Admin/Creative Help in Spain

Madrid digital nomads
Madrid, Spain

This position is based in the colourful La Latina district, right in the heart of the Spanish capital Madrid. It involves admin and creative tasks but only 20 hours of work per week and with many perks, it’s clearly a very popular position.

You get a private room and three days off per week which is rare on Worldpackers. That gives you plenty of time to do your own work or studies and the position does include free language classes. Breakfast is free but you will need to prepare your other meals or eat out and there’s plenty of temptation to do the latter with loads of great bars and restaurants in the local area.

Position Details: 20 hours per week | Private Room

Eco Program in Scotland

Situated in the tiny Scottish Highland village of Newtonmore, this role will suit anyone who enjoys the nature and wants to avoid being based in towns or cities. You get three free meals per day and a private room and with only ten hours work required per week, this seems like a really attractive exchange for digital nomads. You should have plenty of time to work on your own projects.

It is described as a social media role but there is only one review though so you may wish to communicate with your potential host to try and better understand what the role will involve.

Position Details: 10 hours per week | Private Room

Content Writer in Ireland

This is another role with relatively short hours. You’ll be based at a guesthouse in Galway, Ireland and may be required to work on their social media content whilst also providing services for the guests such as making beds and doing laundry.

You will only get a bed in a team dorm but will have free meals and access to bikes which can help you explore during your time off. They are looking for help immediately, which suggests you’ll have a higher chance of getting accepted, even if you are new to Worldpackers.

Position Details: 15 hours per week | Shared Dorm

Photography & Social Media in Russia

Moscow via josef.stuefer, CC BY 2.0

For something a bit different, head to the Russian capital with this hostel position in Moscow. Your tasks will involve taking photos and organising and promoting parties and other social activities that the hostel is running.

You’ll be in a shared dorm but will get two days off per week and access to some of the best events in town. Stays are between 2 and 4 weeks and they only accept applications from people over the age of 23.

Position Details: 20 hours per week | Shared Dorm

Content Writing & Video Making in Austria

With just 10 hours work per week required, this is a more basic free accommodation in exchange for work arrangement (meals are not included). Your tasks will involve video making, photography, content writing and social media.

In your free time, clearly you can get all your usual work done and will be able to explore the area around Zell am See – a charming town on the banks of Lake Zell to the south of the Austrian city of Salzburg.

Position Details: 10 hours per week | Private Room

For more on how the work exchanges function, read our Worldpackers review. This includes a few more positions of interest that aren’t specifically geared towards the skills digital nomads may have.

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What are the current rules for travelling abroad in Europe?

There have been simpler times to find a work exchange in Europe but the good news is that a large portion of the continent has now been vaccinated, covid-19 rates are mostly falling and we are heading into the summer months when it spreads less quickly in any case.

Rules do still vary between countries but generally speaking, it’s possible to travel between two different EU nations without the need for quarantine. You may though be required to take tests before or post departure. Some countries outside of the Schengen Area do though have stricter restrictions including the UK and Ireland where quarantines are mandatory for virtually all arrivals. These may vary from around a week to 14 days.

Countries more dependent on tourism such as Spain, Portugal and Greece tend to have less strict entry requirements. However it all depends on where you’re coming from, where you’re heading to and whether you’ve been vaccinated and all rules are still subject to change at quite short notice. Check your own government’s travel advice for the latest info before deciding to travel and work in Europe.

Work and Travel in Europe 2021 – 10 Work Exchange Opportunities

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    I hold a South African passport and have experinence in the Medical rental equipmnet field and equine industry from a ridding and stable mangement perspective.

    I Have also have skills in training athletes for Spartan Obstacle races and have 5 world champoionship titles for my age categories.

    I would welcome any offers of employment.


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