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In this section, we’ll be posting Europe digital nomad country guides. Featuring information on everything from coworking spaces to finding short to medium term accommodation, they should aid remote workers and digital nomads in their search for a new European base.

Europe Digital Nomad Country Guides

Spain Digital Nomad Guide

Spain digital nomad guide

Population – 47 million | Capital – Madrid | Language – Spanish | EU – Yes | Schengen – Yes

Spain is one of the top digital nomad destinations in Europe. From the vibrant international feel of Barcelona to winter sun in the Canary Islands, there is a huge range of potential options for anyone looking for a new base in one of Western Europe’s most affordable countries.

Bulgaria Digital Nomad Guide

digital nomad Bulgaria

Population – 7 million | Capital – Sofia | Language – Bulgarian | EU – Yes | Schengen – No

Bulgaria is one of Europe’s emerging digital nomads hubs. Its location outside of the Schengen Area makes it an appealing destination for non-EU nomads nearing the end of their 90 day limit. Bulgaria is also popular thanks to its dirt cheap accommodation, many coworking options and and digital nomad communities in cities like Sofia and Bansko.

Malta Digital Nomad Guide

Malta digital nomad guide

Population – 500,000 | Capital – Valletta | Language – Maltese/English | EU – Yes | Schengen – Yes

The smallest but most densely populated country in the European Union, Malta has long been a popular destination for digital nomads looking for a warm climate and healthy Mediterranean lifestyle. This tiny archipelago consists of three inhabited islands and its popularity with foreigners is aided by its status as one of just two remaining English-speaking EU members.

Portugal Digital Nomad Guide

Portugal digital nomad guide

Population – 10.3 million | Capital – Lisbon | Language – Portuguese | EU – Yes | Schengen – Yes

Portugal is another of the most popular destinations for digital nomads. With the cheapest living and travel costs in Western Europe, as well as some stunning beaches, sunny islands and quirky cities, Portugal has a lot to offer anyone looking to lead a remote lifestyle.

Italy Digital Nomad Guide

Italy digital nomad guide

Population – 60.3 million | Capital – Rome | Language – Italian | EU – Yes | Schengen – Yes

Famous for its great cuisine and healthy lifestyle, Italy is trying to turn itself into a digital nomad destination with a bold new government initiative to turn abandoned villages into remote work hubs! How successful that will be, only time will tell but it’s certainly somewhere to keep an eye on over the next few years.

Romania Digital Nomad Guide

Romania digital nomad guide

Population – 19.3 million | Capital – Bucharest | Language – Romanian | EU – Yes | Schengen – No

Despite the relatively negative international perception of the country, Romania is a land full of surprises with its medieval castles and Carpathian landscapes of Transylvania charming visitors. It’s also very cheap by EU standards and boasts some of the fastest internet speeds in the world. All in all, it ticks a lot of boxes for digital nomads in Europe.

Croatia Digital Nomad Guide

Croatia digital nomad guide

Population – 4.1 million | Capital – Zagreb | Language – Croatian | EU – Yes | Schengen – No

Croatia is one of the success stories of the Balkans. With a long Adriatic coastline and the second largest archipelago in the Mediterranean, it is full of enchanting coastal and island destinations and its government has been one of the first in Europe to actively try to attract remote workers from afar with an accessible digital nomad visa scheme.

We’ll have more Europe digital nomad country guides soon!

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