7 of the 10 best digital nomad visas in the world are in Europe, new ranking reveals

According to a study into the best digital nomad visas in the world, Europe is the continent which leads the way in terms of having the most attractive options. Visaguide.world’s digital nomad index compared 38 countries which currently offer some form of digital nomad visa and the results were interesting to say the least. Their […]

The Best Places to Live in France & the Cheapest Cities

While negatives include relatively high costs and the difficulty non-French speakers may experience, France has plenty going for it as a digital nomad destination. It’s a country that is betting big on tech with startups springing up across the country and it can be a great place to meet people and make connections. We’re going […]

The Best Places to Live in Finland & the Cheapest Cities

One of Europe’s coldest and northernmost countries, Finland may not be an obvious location for digital nomads. However, in many respects it’s actually very well suited to those leading a remote lifestyle with a strong focus on work-life balance and outstanding digital infrastructure among the perks of life there. Here’s a look at some of […]

Which countries have the fastest internet speeds in Europe?

Every person living and working as a digital nomad has different priorities when it comes to their dream destination. However, what they can pretty much all agree on, is that reliable and preferably fast internet is non-negotiable and an essential box which must be ticked before heading to a new place. Below we’re going to […]

The Best Places to Live in the Netherlands & the Cheapest Cities

One of Europe’s wealthiest and most densely populated countries, the Netherlands has plenty to offer the digital nomad and is a popular choice with many international visitors. While most visitors to the country head to Amsterdam and often don’t leave, there are plenty of other cities that offer good Dutch options for anyone looking for […]

The Best Places to Live in Greece & the Cheapest Cities

With dozens of beautiful islands and a mainland dotted with some of the ancient world’s most fascinating historical sites, Greece is an amazing place to visit or live. Costs are also relatively low, particularly when it comes to renting accommodation. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the cheapest places to live in Greece […]

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