Italy Digital Nomad News – The Village where you can stay Rent Free

Living for free in Italy in Sardinia

Digital nomads in Italy can now live rent-free in one Sardinian village. Ollolai is hoping to lure in remote working professionals from far and wide by offering accommodation with a symbolic rent of just €1/month.

The idea behind the scheme is that nomads will benefit from accommodation that is effectively free, as well as being able to enjoy life in beautiful natural surroundings and learn about the local way of life and culture in what is one of the world’s five primary blue zones – areas where people tend to live the longest.

In exchange, guests are expected to contribute to the community by educating locals about their specific field in the form of a “public presentation, lectures or lessons”.

Where is Ollolai?

Ollolai is located on the Italian island of Sardinia which is situated between mainland Spain and mainland Italy. It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with a population of around 1.6 million.

The village of Ollolai is tiny though and only has a little over 1,000 permanent residents. It’s located in a central part of Sardinia in the mountainous region of Barbagia at 1,000 km above sea level.

It is also one of the Italian towns and villages involved in the one Euro house program

Live rent-free in Italy – Who is eligible?

Any digital nomads in Italy or currently based elsewhere can apply to work from Ollolai. However, “professionals and entrepreneurs with multiple years of experience” and “professional artists, writers, musicians, scientists, and academics in general” are those that the program is particularly seeking.

Therefore, those with relatively limited experience in a particular field or just starting out on a new path as a digital nomad, may have a harder time getting accepted.

It is also important to note that this is not an Italy digital nomad visa, although plans for one have been announced. Applicants will therefore need to make sure they have the legal right to be in Italy to apply, something which won’t be a problem for EU nationals.

Work from Ollolai – How to apply

To apply, you just need to fill out a short form. Applicants are required to enter basic details (name, email etc) whilst providing a bit of information about themselves and a link to a CV or linkedin profile.

Currently stays are limited to a maximum of one month which will be in a one or two bedroom apartment depending on the size of the group. Guests are still required to pay utilities bills and must still pay for their own food and transport to/from the village which is not the most accessible place.

High speed internet is available in Ollolai meaning guests can still do all their normal work remotely from their homes or other points in the village.

Italy Digital Nomad News – The Village where you can stay Rent Free

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