Author : Mark Sochon

Mark is a freelance writer currently based in Madrid, Spain. He writes about travel and football and has visited most countries in the EU. He has lived and worked remotely from various cities across Iberia.

7 of the 10 best digital nomad visas in the world are in Europe, new ranking reveals

According to a study into the best digital nomad visas in the world, Europe is the continent which leads the way in terms of having the most attractive options.’s digital nomad index compared 38 countries which currently offer some form of digital nomad visa and the results were interesting to say the least. Their […]

Barcelona Digital Nomad Guide

The vibrant Catalan capital is one of the most popular cities in the world with travellers and digital nomads alike. With its iconic Gaudi architecture and distinctive gridlike layout, Barcelona is a city of many faces which blends Catalan culture with its status as a truly international city which is home to people from all […]

Lagos Digital Nomad Guide

Located on the very southwestern edge of mainland Europe, Portugal’s Algarve region has long been one of the continent’s favourite destinations for a sunny getaway. With low prices and warm weather that lasts longer than in other popular European travel spots, it’s no surprise that the Algarve has also started to attract remote workers. Read […]

Spain’s Free Trains Explained – How Travellers can Benefit

Spain is the latest European country to launch a scheme designed to entice people to its railways whilst reducing costs for existing travellers. You may have heard about it. Since its launch on September 1st, many international media outlets have run stories promoting free travel thanks to Spain’s free trains between now and the end […]

Tarragona Digital Nomad Guide

Situated around 100 km southwest of Barcelona, Tarragona is a lesser known coastal, Catalan city which is consistently overlooked by visitors to the region. With some of the best preserved Roman ruins in Iberia, a historic centre and some wonderful beaches, that continues to be a surprise. Anyone looking for a slightly more local experience […]

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